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Februar 07, 2022 1 min lesen.

Frankincense trees belong to the balsam tree family. Our Boswellia carterii grows in a desert-like climate on dry, stony soil. The survivor survives drought periods of up to two years without a single drop of rain! It takes 40 years before a tree can be harvested. And despite – or because of? – these extreme climatic conditions, the trees can become more than 100 years old. 

It is very important to us to respect the millennia-old rule that the frankincense trees may only be harvested if they had rain at the beginning of the year. This is uneconomical in the short term, but in the long term the stocks are protected and the quality of the resin remains strong. 

Since there is often no rain for a long time in this low-rainfall region, we support the farmers in times of drought with food, medicine and water as best we can. This economic support can protect the trees from premature harvesting and keep them healthy in the long term. 

Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that rest periods are observed and that the trees can regenerate for a year after two years of harvesting.